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About Love in the Mail

Love in the Mail was founded on a love of cards- both sending them and receiving them. We want you to be so delighted with the cards you purchase, you're just a teeny bit sad to send them away.

Founder Brooke Carpenter has spent hours and consulted with some very discriminating friends and sisters to find cards that are special, both in appearance and sentiment. Brooke's mom has maintained a stash of cards for years so that no occasion went uncelebrated, whether it was a surprise note tucked in a summer camp duffel bag, an anniversary, a birthday, or a Tuesday. Raised in this tradition, Brooke was looking for a way to help herself and others find those perfect cards.

Working with designers who have a similar sense of whimsy and desire to send the perfect message, Love in the Mail offers cards that aren't available everywhere. Our goal is that the card you send will be as special as the person you send it to, be it an occasion card, a quick note on personalized stationery, or a wedding invitation.

Love in the Mail... a little goes a long way.

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